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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  We write long form Blog Posts too.  Our average posts are from 1500-2500 words.  When required, we can take them much further to about 10,000 words or more, if required.

We have a 3 Day workflow for every 2500 words written.  Without exception.  Proofreading and Editing takes time.  

Yes, we can create content for any platform, provided it is agreed upon.

No porn, smut, sex toys, animal sales, politics, gore, blood, satanic symbolism, LGBTQ, Gay, Marxist, Socialist, Propaganda.

Governments, Politicians, State Entities, Big Pharma, Agriculture, Weather, Scientists, Educational Institutes, Big Chain Retail Stores, Animal Sales, Pornographic Stars, Negative Religious institutes (Catholics -Satanists), 3 Letter agencies

Health Related Brands, Metal Band Merch, Alternative Lifestyle Brands, Spas, Nail Salons, Spirituality Inclined Brands, eCommerce Brands, Pet Supplies, Water Bottles, Herbal Remedies, Herb and Spice Supplies, Logistics Brands, Travel Brands, Outdoor Brands