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I have been using WordPress to build websites since 2010.  There is very little I don’t know or understand about the platform.

I’m not afraid to tinker with the code to see how things work, which is probably why I can sometimes get things done, quicker than others.

I’ve built eCommerce stores, websites for manufacturers, assited retail shops start stores and take payments.

I’ve built my own health food store, spiritual website and marketing website.

Creating the site is only a small part of the process, the bigger part of the process is creating readable content that people will actually read.

I have a “NO ADS!” policy for all the sites I build.

If you want help with Building a site, creating the content, marketing on social media and automating your lead generation, talk to me and let’s see how we can develop a strategy for your business.

“Generating leads Is easy with the right tech”

Alistair Vermaak

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