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Before We Start Your Webhosting Journey…

We’ve got questions and we’re sure you’ve got some too.  Before we get working, we need to meet and talk about your goals, vision and desire for your new website.

We’ll be asking you lots of questions and allow you to do the same.  We’ll get all the planning done up front, then get to work and build your site, then show you a mockup of what it will look like, make any necessary changes and finally release it to the world.

Before you Jump in...........

Grab A Pen

Get some paper and a pen so that we can get all those thoughts and ideas onto paper so that you can get clarity and focus

Some Coffee

Who can focus without coffee? I know I know, not everyone drinks coffee, OK, get your favorite beverage and settle in

Take Notes

Grab some notepaper or your favorite notetaking app so that you've got somewhere to jot down all your ideas and to do's


We're going to be brainstorming so you need to get ready to splatter everything you've got in your mind onto "paper"

Let's Follow A Process...........

Your Market

If you could meet your ideal customer, what would he/she look like and what problems do they have

Your Product

What problem does your product solve and how can it be added to or what complimentary products could you make/source

Your Branding

What does your business look like, believe in and what values do you hold true to your personal story and origin

Your Keywords

If you could use 3 - 5 words that are the most descriptive about what your product/service does, what would they be?

About Your Site...........

The Number

What number of products will you stock in your store and how will you manage stock levels in store and in the site


How many different shapes, sizes, colors or visual differences will there be at different price points in the store

Getting Paid

Which banks and payment processors will you use to connect your website store to your bank and get paid online


Once an order is paid for, who is going to get the product delivered to the customer and how will it be done from the site

# Pages

How many pages do you need on your site and which types of elements do your pages need to contain for sales

Support Calls

How are customers going to get support if they need it and will it be easy to get help from the website store


Is your business registered and do you have all the legal content that needs to be displayed on your site and in store


What Warranties, Guarantees and Return Policies do you have for your store and how can they be added to your site

We're not even done yet!...........

As you can see, there are so, so many questions we need to ask you, and we’re certain you’ve got questions too.  That’s why it’s imperative that we get onto a video chat, or even a Telegram chat, or whichever medium you’re comfortable with.  We need to talk, take notes from each other and then start working together to create your site.

The smaller a site, the easier it is, the larger, the more complex it’s going to get. 


The Fastest Path To Starting

The quickest way to have a website built, is to choose a template that’s already laid out in a specific style. 

Just remember, a theme is just a framework.  It’s a layout you choose, then customize it to your needs, and fill it with your own content.  Remember, we can give you various layouts here, but we can also custom design themes.  It takes longer and costs a little more than regular themes, but it’s unique to your business. 

If you’re itching to get started, look at some partner website templates (yes, we’re affiliates, and may be paid a small commission if you click through and buy).

Not seeing a theme that resonates with you?  It’s not uncommon.  There are thousands of themes and layouts to look at and it can be difficult to find “The One That Screams, That’s Mine!”  

But often, the best thing to do, is just pick any one to start with, then tweak and change it to your style as time allows.    The most important thing, is to get the groundwork done, get the foundation of your business built and start making money.  

Worry about looks and finer details over time and push the small changes when it’s convenient.

Decide which path you’re going to take and buy your hosting package, then tell us what industry you’re in and we’ll make some basic theme recommendations and help you tweak it and make it your own.

Ready to Get Started?

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