DIY Basic Webhosting Package



DIY Basic Webhosting Package


The (do it yourself) DIY Basic Webhosting Package is for a small Business.


  • 15 x Pages – More than enough to ensure your customers get all the infomation they need
  • Blog – create and publish blog sontent in any format as often as you want to
  • 5 GB Storage – ample storeage place for images, text files , audio files, etc
  • 5 x Databases – extend the functionality of your wesbite or add more sites
  • 50 x email addresses – that’s more than enough for a medium to large business to give employees an address each
  • 50 x email aliases – foward, cc, share or redirect email as you see fit
  • 1 x FTP Accounts – allow various departments/people to ulpoad content to your site
  • 10 x Multiple Domains – add more websites or add apps, booking sites, CRM,  etc
  • eCommerce – sell products and services from your site with woocommerce
  • 10 x Products – thats quite a few products, many places sell one product in different variations
  • Chat and email marketing – the possibility to do chat and email marketing is built into your site


The features listed here are great for a small business.

DIY Basic Webhosting Package


If you’ve got needs beyond the DIY Basic Webhosting Package, we can still help, but it will be in a different setting where we’ll customize a package specifically to suit your business.

Why We Use WordPress

WordPress powers nearly a third of the globe’s websites.  They vary from small personal blogs to the complex sites owned by major corporations like Sony, Time Inc., New York Post and NBC.

WordPress is one of many site builders and content management systems that you can download and install for free, but it has unique features that make it the most popular CMS (content management system) today.

WordPress vs. Everyone Else

WordPress is the most popular of the three most often used site builders followed by Joomla and Drupal.

All of them are free to download and use.  They can all be customized with add-ons for specialized functionality to suit the needs of any individual.

Both Joomla and Drupal require a certain level of technical know-how and familiarity with HTML CSS and the programming language PHP.

WordPress on the other hand, allows experienced and beginners to work at any level.

This allows beginners to set up a site quickly without knowledge of code or programming.


8 Reasons Why We Use WordPress

Here are 8 reasons why we use WordPress to build your Business

  1. Flexible and Scalable

WordPress was originally made for blogging and other types of online publishing.  It however also powers a wide range of other types of websites.

WordPress can be used to run large complex websites for corporations, for small businesses to manage their sales and customer services and much more.

The days of WordPress only being limited to personal Blogs is long gone.

WordPress websites can become fully functional eCommerce stores.  WordPress can be used to showcase a portfolio, host a social network, group, podcast or even become the next YouTube and host Videos.

Whatever your business needs, we can find everything we want to create a fully functional business website using any of the thousands of Plugins that WordPress provides.

Not only does WordPress offer thousands of plugins, but there are also millions of Themes to choose from. (For any type of business imaginable).

If you don’t find one that’s perfect for your business, it’s quick and easy to find someone who can whip a theme together for you on many Marketplaces.

Taking these into consideration, it’s no wonder that WordPress is such a popular choice.  The endless choices mean that you can rest assured that there will always be resources to help you grow and scale your business to any size you need.


  1. Easy To Learn for Beginners

It only takes a few minutes to install WordPress.  Your website can be up and running within minutes without technical know-how.

All you need is a domain name and webhosting. We will install WordPress for you and send you the login details so that you can start building on your own if you choose the DIY Packages.

If you choose our DFY Packages, we do everything for you and you never have to touch it, but you’ll have all the details. (In case you decide to move to another provider one day).

Once WordPress is installed, you can log in with the credentials you were given, or the credentials that you entered upon setting up WordPress.

The first thing you’ll see is the Welcome Dashboard.  From there you’ll find all the necessary information that will help and guide you to use WordPress.

It’s so easy, if you can type on Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress.  You can immediately start creating pages and posts.

  1. Customizable Themes

There are millions of free and premium themes to choose from.  You’ll be lost for choices.

The one major advantage of the themes in WordPress, is that they are all completely customizable.

Once you get familiar with the way WordPress works, you’ll soon understand how to add rows, columns and sections, then fill all of these with content.

It’s the design flexibility that allows us to choose a theme, strip out the content and use the frameworks to quickly build and customize websites for our customers.

Themes are there to allow rapid changes to the look, feel and functionality of WordPress Websites

  1. Expand Functions with Plugins

WordPress already includes many of the basic elements required for anyone to create a basic site.

Most Businesses however need specialized functions in order for their processes to flow and the business to operate properly.

This is where the WordPress Plugin directory becomes a useful tool.  It includes thousands of plugins that can be used to change the function of the site to suit the business needs.

We can add shopping carts, chatbots, galleries, contact forms, ecommerce stores and much more.

Should a plugin not be found that delivers a required function, we can always develop a Plugin to suit your needs or work with a developer to do it for us if we don’t have the time.

These plugins can be added, activated or de-activated and deleted at any time, most of the time with no, to little effect on your existing site.

  1. Easily SEO Optimize

You don’t want to be spending huge chunks of your money paying for ads your whole life.

SEO is the way to get your site found in search engines organically, (meaning that you don’t pay to advertise).

WordPress plugins make it easy to get SEO right.  In WordPress we just need to search in the plugins section, pick one of the SEO plugins we like and start using it right away.

Great content creation in a consistent manner will lead to people naturally finding your website in search engines.

You need to have optimized every aspect of your website to be found in search engines.

That includes the keywords you choose to optimize for, optimizing image alt tags, linking internally and externally, optimizing products, categories, tags and any folders that make up your site too.

SEO is an extensive subject, but basic optimization is a good starting point for beginners.

  1. WordPress is Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsiveness plays a huge role in Google ranking.  Google has said themselves, they’re mobile first, so every website must be mobile responsive.

Everyone knows that a website needs to look good on any device and WordPress makes it easy.

WordPress has a huge library of responsive themes and you can find millions of other responsive designs in third party Marketplaces.

Plugins are also there to simplify the responsive process.

  1. Embedded Blog

WordPress is a content management system which includes many features that make content creation and publishing easy.

One of these features is the embedded Blog.

You can access it from any device, at any time.  You can have your regular site pages, landing pages and ecommerce store as well as a Blog in order to make regular updates and announcements.

  1. WordPress Community Support

WordPress is free and open source.  The people developing WordPress are all volunteers who are all part of WordPress communities around the world.

The whole community takes care to update source files and keep WordPress secure.

There are also numerous gathering and coding-camps all over the world.  The WordPress community also supports Local WordPress user groups.

Do you see why we use WordPress?

With WordPress being used in 30% or more websites around the world, it should be easy to see why we use it and love learning more about it each day.

WordPress provides all the tools we need in order to build whatever type of website you need for your business, no matter if it’s just for a Bio Link or if you’re running a Multi-National Corporation, WordPress can do whatever you want it to.

WordPress isn’t only designed for experienced web developers, it’s designed for anyone, with any skill level, to create their own content and publish it to the web, on their own platform, their own home on the web.

All you need is an imagination, the desire to do some creative work, pick a Theme and a handful of plugins to start a wildly successful online business with WordPress.

Work with us to get your site built in WordPress using the DIY Basic Webhosting Package.  You won’t regret it!


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask us anything


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