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about my pivot on the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere

My Pivot Day

It’s Winter Solstice here in South Africa and actually Christmas if I look back at Pagan Traditions of the past, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m here to talk about a pivot in my Business.

For too long, I’ve been stuck in this mindset of needing to be everywhere all the time. Focusing on one specific niche and going deep.

It’s June 2021. As I look back over the past year to June 2020, I can see how many ruined businesses, livelihoods, hopes and dreams have been crushed due to the narrow focus of having all our eggs in one basket and focusing too much on one market, one type of product or service.

With the C19 taking away so much… I have to pivot. My own business stalled and came to a grinding halt a few months ago. I’ve had a few sales here and there, but nowhere near enough to sustain myself or my family.

Luckily my wife has a steady job, but, it’s draining the life out of her and taking a toll on her mental and physical health.

My decision has been coming to this point for a month or so now. But here it is. I am cutting loose all the niche specific sites. I have no use for them, they were distracting me from my ultiimate goal.

My goal is to be here for you, to serve you, give you content that’s useful, not only in your work capacity, but to also round out your home, personal and spiritual life too.

What can you expect?

  • Daily work, personal development & health related posts
  • Recipes and How-to Posts (Beer/Wine, Essential Oils, Home Remedies)
  • Videos & Podcasts (Business, Motivation & Spirituality)
  • Memes, Gifs, Jokes & More
  • Courses, Books, Worksheets
  • Spirituality, Astrology & Tarot

I know that we all come from different backgrounds, believe differently about everything and all have differing opinions about how we should do things.

It is my hope, that by opening myself up more, and sharing everything I know and do, that we can build better, stronger connections.

If I can be of help or assistance to you, in any way whatsoever, let me know. You can have a look at the services tab. I list what I can do for you. You can also peruse my CV for more info.

Happy #Litha

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