Alistair Vermaak

MEDITATION 1.7 – How To End Suffering

Alistair Vermaak
Alistair Vermaak
MEDITATION 1.7 - How To End Suffering

To end suffering we need to understand that suffering begins with our thoughts and actions related to the reality we create for ourselves.  It is not because of real circumstances that exist, but because of the things we tell ourselves to be true, even though they aren’t.

When one begins to understand that our thoughts create our perceived reality we can learn ways to put aside our pre-conditioned ideals and see the true reality of each situation.

The mind is a powerful tool that has built in features.  Everything that you’ve heard, seen and absorbed since your birth has shaped your self identity or the “ego.”

The “ego” is your filter.  It contains all your beliefs, projections, biases and everything else that’s been influencing you your whole life.

To train and master your state of mind and “ego” will take time.  Once you learn to put aside all of these perceived ideals, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate suffering from your life.

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