Alistair Vermaak

MEDITATION 1.10 – 10 Non-Virtuous Actions

Alistair Vermaak
Alistair Vermaak
MEDITATION 1.10 - 10 Non-Virtuous Actions

In our previous podcast we listed the 8 noble paths and in today’s podcast we’re going to list the 10 non-virtuous actions that should be avoided.  We want to know how to be better people and live in a more harmonious spiritual manner.  Here are the rules to live a more harmonious life:

Keep in mind, these are broad categories related to the Mind, Body & Speech:

  1. Do not kill
  2. Do not steal
  3. Do not be promiscuous (Sexual Misconduct)
  4. Do not lie
  5. Do not use hateful, divisive speech
  6. Do not use harsh words
  7. Do not gossip
  8. Do not think of coveting others or their property
  9. Do not have ill will towards others
  10. Do not have the wrong/negative views

Now that you know what the wrong things are.  You can work at eliminating these from your life.  Then they arrive in your mind or you have the opportunity to see them before you, you can take the right action to avoid partaking in them or help others see the error of their ways.

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