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Many Ways To Make Money Online


Since COVID came along, it’s wiped out many jobs that we used to have, and many people are now looking for ways to minimize their exposure to others.

Now, it’s ever more popular to work online from anywhere.  The evolution of working has been coming for many years.  It just took COVID to open Business “eyes” to the possibilities.

There are many ways to make money online.  Everything depends on what path you’re comfortable taking.

Are you familiar with the type of Business you want to start, or are you willing to learn everything you need to learn in order to make money online?

If you’re completely lost and don’t know where to begin, let me help you below. 

I’ll take you by the hand, show you everything you need to know and even refer you to other sites and platforms that make the learning process easier than ever.

How any ways of working online do you think there are?


To start making on money online, you must understand that it’s actually simple.

If you go read forums, blog posts and social media sites, you’ll find no end of competing opinions.

But the honest truth is this: 

Making money online ONLY requires a 3 step process:


  1. Find an Audience
  2. Find out what their problems are
  3. Deliver the solution


Where most people get stuck is figuring out where the audience is and what their problems are!


Even this is quite simple to figure out.


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Like we said above, starting an online business to make money online requires 3 things, the audience, the problem and the solution.  Below, we’re going to briefly cover the 3 sections, with bullet points that will link out to blog posts where you can go learn about each topic in  more detail.

Find Your Audience

To Find Your Audience, Look at Insights

The fastest way to find your audience is to look at the free tools available to you, starting with Facebook insights

1. Learn Their Demographics

In order to serve your audience, you need wo know who they are and what they want

2. Learn What Content They Consume

Understanding what content they consume is a good place to start your investigation into learning more about them

What Are Their Problems?

Identify a Need/Problem Your Audience Has

To make money online, you need to find out what problems your audiences have, so that you can offer the solution

1. Personal

Is your audience having personal problems that they’re trying to solve to live a better life?

2. Professional

Are the people in your audience trying to find a way to improve their business or professional careers or just looking for motivation

provide the solution

Give Your Audience The Solution

If you know a solution to a  problem that your audience has, you’re being selfish if you don’t share it with them

1. Create The Solution

If the solution to your audience’s problem doesn’t exist, and you have the knowhow, then create it for them

2. Share Someone Else's Solution

If you do some research and find affiliate products that serve as the perfect solution to your audience’s problems, then promote it

Let’s Look at Online Business Models!

Now that we’ve done our research and found our audience, we’ve discovered what problem they have and also found the ideal solution, what methods do you think you can use to make money online?


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The Business Models!


If you’ve been living under a rock or out of touch with civilization, you should have heard of the term “dropshipping” by now.

Dropshipping is simply selling something on your site, that’s manufactured and shipped by someone else.

You advertise the product with a markup on your site.  If someone buys the item, you pay the supplier, they package and ship it on your behalf.

That means you never have to worry about inventory, warehousing, shipping or that kind of stuff. 

But, you may still have customer queries and will have to deal with complaints and be the mediator between the customer and supplier if things don’t arrive or aren’t as expected on arrival.

Print on Demand

Print on demand is almost similar to dropshipping.  In the case of Print On Demand, you find a  supplier who will provide all the tech, merchandise and do the shipping for you.

The only thing you do, is come up with creative designs and add them to the products the supplier has.

You upload mockups to your website or ecommerce store and promote the goods.  If it sells, there’s normally an automated system whereby the order goes straight to the supplier.

You charge the customers a markup fee, the supplier deducts their portion of the sale and you keep the rest.

You never have to stock inventory, worry about warehousing or shipping.

You will however need to deal with complaints, damaged deliveries, Quality of print, etc.

Therefor you will have to be the middleman between the customer and supplier.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has gotten a bad rap over the years, but the fact remains – it’s a great way to make money online. 

There are thousands of people all over the world making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from affiliate marketing.

So what is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work.

An affiliate marketer is simply someone who connects a person with a problem to the solution and takes a small commission in the process.

An affiliate marketer builds a web presence, be it a social media following, a website, blog, podcast or group.

They find out what challenges the people in the audience have, then look for affiliate products that solve their problems.

By dropping links or recommending the products that are the fit for the audiences pains, the affiliate marketer makes money.

How it works is simple.  Companies create products and services, then recruit affiliates.

The affiliates promote the products and services to their audiences and when a sale is made, the affiliate receives a commission.

YouTube Channels

Think you’re too old or too young to make money online, consider the fact that the highest paid YouTuber is a 7 year old.  His parents setup the tech and Ryan reviews toys.

In 2018 little Ryan received a whopping $22 million in royalties and commissions.

YouTube, being the second largest search engine, owned by none other than Google, is the most fantastic platform to be on to make large affiliate commissions, using the same principles of affiliate marketing.

If you want to make money on YouTube, you need to figure out your audiences desires and focus only on providing  one thing to them, consistently ie; “niche down.”

Be An Influencer

An influencer is someone who builds a brand around their name.

Kylie Jenner was paid about $1 million for each Instagram post she made in 2018.

Influencers need to start somewhere and the best platforms on which to do so are Instagram and YouTube.

If you can grow your audience, it really doesn’t have to be huge, you can start making money online.

Often people think you need to have hundreds of thousands of fans and subscribers,  but you can make money from as little as 500 loyal fans.

Once you have your fans, you can promote affiliate products, books, courses, memberships, coaching, etc, etc.

Making money this way is only limited by your imagination.

Online Courses

COVID taught us one thing.  People are hungry for knowledge and the online education space has only continued to grow.

If you have knowledge bout something that you can share in a unique way, then create a course.

There are many platforms that make it super easy to do so.

Some of the platforms are FREE, while others have low payment plans or others only take a small fee if you make a sale.

You might be wondering what to create, but people want to know all sorts of things, like how to jump higher, how to bake bread, how to mix cocktails, how to sand a door, etc, etc.

You need to do some research, see where there are gaps in the market for a course like yours and create it.

If you’ve already created something but don’t know where to sell it, then look at udemy, thinkific or teachable to sell your products on them.

Publish eBooks

If you can type in Microsoft Word, you can easily create an eBook to sell on amazon.

Amazon provides a FREE platform called Amazon KDP on which you can list and sell your own eBook.

It’s really simple.  Put together an eBook about something that people are searching for (a problem).

It needs to be at least 20 to 30 pages long.

Use Amazon KDP to learn how to format it properly and upload it, using their guidelines.

It’s really easy to do.

With Amazon KDP, anyone can be a publisher.  they have the audience of millions, upon millions of monthly buyers, so why not give it a try?

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