Alistair Vermaak

By Alistair Vermaak

Alistair is a Digital Marketer with varied interests. For Digital Marketing Services - visit On this site, Alistair shares marketing tips, tricks and hacks and offers some courses to help people get started online. He is also an avid Home-brewer and enjoys making beer, wine and fermented foods. He is a spiritual practitioner and has built his belief system around Buddhist Principles. He offers messages to those in need through Astrology and Tarot Readings. He cooks, creates vegan proteins and mean vegan dishes for his family, keeping them all on a low carb diet. To further help keep the family healthy, he uses natural home remedies for optimal health. When he's not working or taking care of the family, he can be found tinkering with the background code and blueprints for chatbots, quizzes, landing pages, woodworking and playing djembe drums.

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