Alistair Vermaak

HEALTH 1.7 – Skin & Hair – Dermatitis

Alistair Vermaak
Alistair Vermaak
HEALTH 1.7 - Skin & Hair - Dermatitis

Today’s podcast concerns natural home remedies for dealing with dermatitis.  Although not contagious, living with dermatitis can be uncomfortable for the person with it.

We mentioned a few medications you can use in the recording, but some of them were a mouthful, so I’m going to list them her for your convenience:

Emollient creams can be used to soothe and soften the affected areas.

Corticosteroid creams can be used to reduce inflammation.

Alitretonin can be used to treat severe cases of dermatitis.

Homeopathic remedies include:

Rhus Toxicodendron 6C – for poison ivy type rashes

Sulphur 6C for red, burning, itching or scaling dermatitis symptoms (especially irritated by heat and water) 

Urtica 6C for itchy, stinging, blotchy rashes and cracked skin

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