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You Prefer To Be Hands Off

Below you’ll find various webhosting packages that will suit any budget.  Register a Domain Name.  We’ll take care of the rest.  We do however need to meet and talk with you.  It’s going to get exhausting with all the questions, but it’s better we ask, than rehash and repeat work.

Everything is in your name, but we do all the behind the scenes work for you.  Cancel anytime within 7 Days and your money back, no questions asked.  If you stick with us for 30 days or longer, you can still cancel anytime, but we need 30 Days Notice.

Domain Registration

Domain Registration costs are not included in these prices and are totally separate from the hosting fees.  Please bear this in mind when choosing a package

dfy hostinG

As the name suggests, we do it all for you.  From setup to building and maintaining your website. Start small with these.

These are Monthly Prices







dfy hosting

As you start to grow and expand you can upgrade to these packages to get more space, growth opportunities and traffic. 

These are Monthly Prices







All Webhosting Packages Include