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Aweber Email Marketing Platform

Aweber is an email marketing platform that’s been around for decades and has become one of the most popular email marketing platforms for it’s ease of use, great pricing structure and everything it provides.

What makes it a good email marketing choice for you?

First of all, they try their very best to make it as easy as possible for anyone to create great looking emails. Let’s have a look at some of the features and how it benefits you.

“Even if you’re a complete novice, you can still create great looking emails with Aweber.”

Canva Graphic Design Integrated

They have integrated their platform with *Canva. That means you can create stunning emails to send to your subscribers and prospects, using ghe many email templates already created and ready to customize for your own purposes.

Automated Drip Campaigns

The one thing none of us have time to do is sit and answer every single email that lands in our email inboxes at all times of the day. That’s where the autoreponse features and nurture sequences become such handy tools to have.

Easy Drag N Drop Email Design

If you’re not much of a designer and have no interest in coding your email marketing templates in Aweber, don’t worry at all. All you have to do is drag and drop the designs you like, or choose from pre-made templates that have been created for you.

Automated Newsletters

Whenever you post new content to your website, you want people to know about it, don’t you? A nice feature with Aweber is the ability for you to connect your website RSS feed and then have automatic newsletters created and sent on your schedule, whenever you publish new blog posts.

*What is Canva? Only the simplest graphic design platform out there. Get started for free and create as much content as you want, for your work, social, personal branding and so much more. The best thing about Canva, is that there are thousands of templates to choose from. Choose a design, personalize it and make it yours in less than 5 minutes.

What Does Aweber Cost?

The great thing about the digital marketing platform is that you get access to almost all of the features for FREE with a subscriber base of 0-500.

They have different pricing tiers based on your number of subscribers which I will list below, you can also choose from monthly, quarterly and annual billing:


Choose the MONTHLY plan

Aweber has a FREE Plan and a 0-500 Subscriber Pro Plan for $19.99 PM.  

NB: Each Plan Is Based On The Number Of Subscribers On Your eMail List


Aweber has a FREE Plan and a 0-500 Subscriber Pro Plan for $16.33 PM Billed Quarterly.  

NB: Each Plan Is Based On The Number Of Subscribers On Your eMail List


Aweber has a FREE Plan and a 0-500 Subscriber Pro Plan for $16.15 PM Billed Annually.  

NB: Each Plan Is Based On The Number Of Subscribers On Your eMail List

Frequently asked questions

Aweber is very easy to use.  They have Drag n Drop Email Design

  • Respond to emails instantly

  • Send Newsletters on schedule

  • Delay email responses

  • Segment and Tag responders

  • Set and forget – you have the system work for you 24/7


All the Marketing Tools You Need In One Place

In the marketing game, there are a number of tools that you need in order to build properly functioning marketing systems, these include:

  • Forms

  • Funnels

  • Push notifications

  • Landing Pages

  • Buttons

  • Graphics

  • Templates

In Aweber, all of these tools already exist. All that needs to happen is for you to formulate a plan for your marketing campaigns, select the right tools for the job, then enter Aweber and set it all up to work together with your email marketing system.


Automated Newsletters

With this feature, you choose a template, choose how many blog posts to show, add any additional elements to your template, and then schedule when you want the newsletter to be sent to your followers.

It’s a great way to keep your readers up to date with what’s happening in your business, without having to write each newsletter separately form your blog.


Tracking and Analytics

How do you know what people click on and interact with in your emails if you don’t add tracking links to your newsletter? You won’t know anything. Within Awweber it’s possible to track:

  • button clicks,

  • open rates

  • link clicks

  • Image clicks

  • Downloads, etc


Numerous Templates To Choose From

Each type of business model has an expected format for the type of email be sent. For instance, a Blog post template will look different to a Newsletter template and so forth. But with Aweber, you’re spoilt for choice with hundreds of different template designs to choose from:

  • Newsletters

  • eCommerce

  • Sales

  • Products

  • News, etc

The only thing you need is a little inspiration and some imagination to make things work in your favor. Luckily Aweber has a blog where they often feature campaigns and success stories from their users and they offer inspirational content to help you come up with your own ideas.


Email Security and Deliverability

When you send an email to someone else, you want to know that when you send it, it’s going to reach the “inbox” of your intended reader and not end up in the “spam” or “trash” files.

The reason why a lot of emails sent end up in our trash bins or spam files is because they are sent through insecure third party servers which have been blacklisted for spam.

Aweber has taken it upon themselves to use their own email servers to prevent this, so that you can rest assured, your email is 100% sure to arrive at your intended destination inbox.


A Knowledgebase to have questions answered

The most frustrating thing starting with a new service sometimes is that there is hardly any step by step instructions on how to get things done.

Seeing that Aweber has been around so long, they’ve had a long time to list all of the questions and answers they’ve given to customers and users over the years, so their knowledgebase is sure to have the answer to the question you’re thinking of.

That makes starting with them such a breeze. You don’t have to contact their support staff. Everything you need to know is readily available for you to use right away,


Video Tutorials

If you don’t like learning from text in their knowledgebase, then they have aserties of how to videos, showing you step by step how each part of their business and all of their products work,

They also show you how to set everything up and how to use each feature so that you get the most out of your experience with them.


Certified Experts

If you ever get stuck in any part of the process of using any of the parts of Aweber, there are always experts ready to assist you.

There’s no need to worry about not being able to use the platform. They’re rock solid, been around for years and know what they’re doing, so you can rest assured, your investment in their business is quite secure.



Aweber integrates with hundreds of the most popular platforms in order to extend the functionality of their marketing platform.

They integrate with:

  • CRM’s – Salesforce, Hubspot

  • Payment Gateways – Paypal, DirectPay, Stripe

  • CMS – WordPress, Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce

  • Analytics Software – Raven Tools, SEM Rush, Google

  • Webinar Software – Citrix, GotoWebinar, Zoom

With all of these integrations, you can take you regular email marketing from simple to much more complex and make it work exactly the way you want it to. It also doesn’t need to cost you an arm, leg and kidney to get all of these.

Overall, Aweber Email Marketing is a good choice for anyone wanting to start creating email marketing campaings.

It’s easy to use, they make it easy for you to find all the tools you need to get enerything working peoprly and they even offer ongoing training and there are professionals ready to assist you should you get stuck with any part of the process.


Why not start for FREE and give it a Try?